Holy Trinity Primary School Achieving Our Best

Yr 1 - Pear

Pear Class

                                           Miss Whitehead                                      Miss Williams


We hope you have all had a lovely summer holiday and are looking forward to a brand new start in Year One. This year will be filled with exciting new topics and you will be amazed at the amount of progress your child will make. If you have any questions about our day, or would like to speak to us, Miss Williams and I are around after school or you can catch us in the playground.

This letter is a brief overview of what we’ll be covering in the upcoming term. You will receive an updated version every term including any important information such as trips/ class assemblies.



In Phonics the children will continue to use their sounds to improve their reading and writing. Every child will be working hard to learn school handwriting and write on the line using finger spaces. Over the following week they will be split into groups which will rotate/change every half term. Your child will be learning new sounds and skills every day, and they will love to show off what they have achieved.

Because we swap for phonics at 9:15, if your child is late or absent they will be missing vital learning time. Please ensure your child is in the playground ready to come inside at 8:55. Our aim is for 100% punctuality!



In numeracy the children will be developing their knowledge of shape and pattern, calculating, securing number facts such as doubles and halves, partitioning (splitting numbers into tens and units), handling data and measurement, counting money and giving change and using various aids such as number lines and hundred squares to strengthen their understanding of number.



During the Autumn term our topic is ‘Land and Sea Animals’. We will be finding out about lots of different types of animals, what makes them special and where they live in the world.



Our Science topic this term is ‘Materials’. We will be learning about which materials are man-made, which occur naturally and what they can be used for. We will also be finding out how to decide what material an object is made of.



We have PE on Thursday and Friday and your child will need a full school PE kit (no laced shoes please) to participate. It is a good idea to keep a pair of shorts and a pair of full length tracksuit bottoms in your child’s bag so that they are comfortable during both indoor and outdoor PE.

All clothing and shoes must be labelled – as you can imagine it is very easy to get confused with someone else’s clothes when they all look the same!

Also, if you have any plimsolls or kit which your child has outgrown, it would be great if you would donate them to our spares collection J



Your child’s reading book can be changed every day, providing they have read at home and their reading record has been signed. As they become more independent, it is their responsibility to remember to bring their book into class to be changed – don’t worry, we do remind them every morning! To help your child progress and improve their reading, please read with them for at least 10 minutes every day. Encourage them to sound out (not guess!) any words they misread and ask them questions about the story to make sure they have understood what they have read.



Homework will go home with your child on Monday, usually ten spellings and one piece of maths work per week. You may need to explain/help your child with the maths, but after a few weeks they should be able to work through their spellings independently, trying to use school handwriting. The homework folder should stay with you at home for spelling practice until the following Monday, when we will test the spellings and send home their test score and new homework.



At some point this year, every child in the class will have the opportunity to take Fluffy the class dog home on Friday. Your child can record in their book what they have done over the weekend. Fluffy needs to come back to school on Wednesday so your child has the chance to share with the rest of the class what they got up to before the end of the week.


Other notes

Don’t forget that children are allowed to bring in a healthy snack for afternoon play.

Please make sure your child has their school bag every day – for book changes and so that we can send home letters.


Learning links

These are some links which you can use to support your child’s learning at home: