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Yr 3 - Chestnut

Welcome to Chestnut Class.


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Miss Williamson          Miss Prychidko



On this page you will find information about the things that we are really looking forward to learning this term.




This term we will be covering a wide range of interesting and exciting topics such as, Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl. We will be writing our own wanted posters to improve our character descriptions and our vocabulary. We will also be writing instructional texts based on ‘How to Train your Dragon’.


In Year 3 we encourage children to read every day at home. We will be working hard to develop our comprehension skills in class. It would be much appreciated if you could support your child with extra practise at home.




This year we will be learning our 3, 4 and 8 times tables! We will be practising lots in school and it would be great if we could continue this at home! This term we will be looking at word problems to try to help us apply our times tables to real life. We will also be looking at topics such as, place value, column addition and subtraction, and multiplication and division.


We try to play as many maths games as possible, so to challenge yourself and find out more about the sort of games we play, please visit:





This term we will be looking at the Stone Age to Iron Age. We will be learning about the way that people in these civilisations lived and will have a lot of fun making our own cave paintings in our own makeshift caves! Wow!


In geography this term we will be linking our learning with the Stone Age by locating landmarks using a map of the UK. We will also be looking at the differences and similarities of the Stone age and modern day Britain.

To find out more about the Stone Age please visit:




This term we will be looking at Rocks and Soils finding out about the different kinds of rocks, learning about fossilisation and designing our own soil cocktail! We will also be learning about Magnets and Forces, testing which materials are magnetic around the classroom and taking part in experiments.

You can learn more at:




In Music we will be using Music Express to teach the children about rhythm, lyrics, tempo and even giving them a chance to compose their own songs. In the summer term, Chestnut class will learn how to play the recorder.



In computing we will be developing our coding and communication skills. We will be using the program Scratch to write codes and debug programs. Scratch is free to use if you want to practise at home.