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Yr 3 - Fir

Welcome to Fir Class.


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Ms Baldwin   Miss Wise


On this page you will find information of things we are looking forward to this term.



This term we will be covering a wide range of interesting and exciting topics, such as The Real Story of Little Red Riding Hood. We will be writing our own alternative fairy tales, using a wide range of vocabulary, sentence types and correctly used punctuation, to tell the truth about Little Red Riding Hood and her evil Grandmother. We will also be writing instructional texts based on How to Train Your Dragon.

We will be continuing to develop our comprehension skills of texts by reading and answering comprehension questions for a range of different texts. To assist your child, we strongly recommend reading with them every night and asking them questions about what they are reading before, during and after they have read. (If you need assistance with what type of questions to ask, feel free to speak with Ms. Baldwin).


This year we will be learning our 3, 4 and 8 times tables! We will be practising lots in school and it would be great if we could continue this at home! This term, we are using a program called Rapid Reasoning to help us understand how to solve worded problems. We will also be looking at topics such as, fractions, properties of shape, measurement, time and statistics, as well as revisiting number and place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


We try to play as many maths games as possible, so to challenge yourself and find out more about the sort of games we play, please visit:





This term we will be studying the Ancient Egyptians, with a planned trip to the British Museum to look at Ancient Artefacts from their civilisation. We will be learning about the way that people in these civilisations and will have a lot of fun making our own Ancient Pyramids!


In geography this term we will be linking our learning with the Ancient Egyptians by locating landmarks using a map of the UK. We will also be looking at the differences and similarities of the Ancient Egyptians and Modern Britain, including a comparative study between the River Nile and the River Thames.




This term we will be looking at the Human and animal bodies, finding out about the diet and foods we need to eat to stay healthy, our skeletal system and the skeletal system of animals, as well as identifying invertebrate and vertebrates. We will also be learning about Light, looking at what constitutes light and dark and experimenting with our shadows using the sun.




In Music we will be using a new program called Charanga, to teach the children about rhythm, lyrics, tempo and even giving them a chance to compose their own songs. We will learn to play along with different tunes, as well as sing to them, perhaps creating a Fir class band.



In computing we will be completing a power point presentation projects on our chosen countries, before moving on to stop animation.