Holy Trinity Primary School Achieving Our Best

Yr 4 - Spruce

Welcome to Spruce Class


Dear Parent/Carer


Welcome to the start of a new academic year. This letter outlines some useful information for you and your child.


  • Children should be lining up by 8:50 a.m. Each day children should bring with them a ruck-sack or bag, a water bottle (which can be re-filled from the water dispenser in school) and if possible, some fruit as a mid-morning snack. As part of a healthy life-style may I encourage children to drink water and eat fruit in class, rather than consume sugary drinks or snacks.


  • If your child has long hair it should be tied back before coming to school.


  • If your child has a medical condition, please see Teresa in the medical room and also let us know.


  • Children need to have their P.E. kit in school on a Monday morning. They can take it home on Fridays for washing. P.E. kit consists of: a pair of shorts, a T-shirt, plimsoles and a track-suit for cold weather. Trainers may be worn for outdoor games. Please ensure that all items belonging to your child fit them and are labelled with their name. P.E will take place every Wednesday and Thursday.


  • Children should be reading their books every day at home. They can choose up to three books each week from school. Books are changed once a week on Fridays. I would also encourage you to enable your child to belong to their local library where they can select a greater variety of books to enjoy and research from. Please find time to explore and read books with your child. Ask them to tell you what they are reading about. Complete your child’s reading record book.


  • Homework is given out on Mondays and must be returned on Fridays only. Each child has been given a homework wallet. Homework is linked to work being studied in lessons and is explained to the class before going home; children will also have times tables and spellings to learn as well as reading; some pupils may also be given extra handwriting sheets to practise on at home. A checklist is kept at the front of the homework folder for pupils to use to ensure they all complete and return their homework on time. We will let you know if this is not the case. Children are expected to complete their homework to a high standard, using a pencil or a blue Berol handwriting pen, using the school’s joined up handwriting style. Children may find it useful to draft their work on some paper at home first before writing it up. At the front of your child’s homework folder are pages of tips outlining good reading and study habits – please read this too. Please support your child with completing and handing in their homework on time. Please sign their homework record sheet each week (located in the front of your child’s homework folder).


  • Our expectations for this year are that the children work hard and try their best with their learning and presentation; show good listening skills and contribute sensibly to class activities and discussions; behave well and are friendly. Pupils are expected to work silently during independent tasks so that they can focus; they should not disturb their own learning or the learning of others. Pupils are also expected to share ideas and work with a partner and in small groups.


  • Check the school website and our class page for further information, dates, curriculum outlines, support activities, etc.


  • If you have any queries, please speak to us as soon as conveniently possible.


A positive partnership between home and school is vital in helping your child achieve to the best of their ability. We all want the children to do well academically and socially. We are sure we will have an enjoyable year with lots of exciting topics, activities, trips and school events to look forward to.


Thank you for your support with your child’s learning.


Miss. Jamshaid and Mrs Riwniyj

Spruce Class Staff