Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Safe

Lionel Primary School

Working together to provide an educational environment that inspires, challenges and nurtures each child.

Autumn 2020




  English       Power of Reading text: ‘Here We Are’ (Unity and kindness); either R.W. Inc. or R.W. Inc.

                     Fresh Start group programmes; along with reading some Greek myths and completing a

                     range of comprehension texts and SPaG activities.


  Maths         Number and Place Value, Addition and Subtraction, Shape, Multiplication and

                      Division, Position and Direction, Decimals, Measurement (Mass), Time.


  Science    Earth and Beyond (Planets and the solar system; rotation of the Earth and


                     Feel the Force (Experimentation of friction, up thrust, air resistance and



  History    Ancient Greeks (Investigation into the lives of the Ancient Greeks and

                      their contributions to mankind through democracy, architecture, sport and



   Geography Time Zones: The Sun Never Sets on the Commonwealth (Lines of longitude and

                     latitude; identify countries in different time zones; researching information on a

                     Commonwealth country).


  Art         Grecian Artwork (Using mod-roc to create a Greek vase); Lois Mailou Jones (Black History



  DT              Bread (Investigating existing products; making and evaluating their own

                      Pitta bread).


  RE             Hinduism (Festival of Diwali; comparing the meaning of light in Hinduism and

                      other religions; learning about the: customs, gods and key features of

                      Hindu temples).


  PSHE      Health and Wellbeing (Balanced and healthy lifestyles, exploring choices

                     that can affect/ improve physical and mental health; exploring ways

                     children can manage their feelings and anxieties).


  Music     Living on a Prayer

                    Classroom Jazz 1 (Exploring the musical genres and development of rock and jazz).


  PE         Hockey; Gymnastics (Indoors);

                     Invasion Games; Athletics (Outdoors)


  Computing Coding (Writing and debugging code to complete tasks);

                     Online Safety (Learning how to use the internet safely; challenges of social

                     media, online friendships and cyberbullying).