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Information about the REAL FRIENDSHIP GROUP


Girls have their own unique ways of expressing and dealing with friendship issues.  We think that encouraging meaningful discussion around the topic of girls' friendships is one of the most important things that supportive adults can do to help young girls navigate the sometimes choppy, and often confusing, waters of peer relationships. 


So we offer The Real Friendship Group which  is a structured 12-week curriculum designed to encourage the lively, confident voices of young girls and to strengthen their skills to assertively express their thoughts and feelings in ways that: respect others, reject bullying behaviour and reflect important values such as dignity, personal responsibility, empathy, co-operation, connectedness, and self-respect.

Based on thought-provoking discussions, engaging games, strength-discovering exercises, and confidence-boosting fun, the hands-on activities in the Real Friendship group build critical knowledge and teach important friendship survival skills.


As an example - In the first week’s session, the girls play a game to get to know each other and learn about how the Real Friendship group will work.  The girls read two different versions of a story about a character named Gabby to learn the importance of the words they choose to use with one another.  In fact, they debunk the old “sticks and stones” myth and learn that words really can hurt.  Since verbal abuse accounts for 70 percent of reported bullying the girls learn about how to use Builders in place of Shredders to develop Real Friendships with others.


In the following weeks of the Real Friendship group, the girls learn practical, real-life skills, including:

  • recognizing the red flags of girl bullying
  • responding assertively to bullying behaviour
  • realising personal strengths
  • connecting with healthy friendships
  • becoming an ally to others facing bullying
  • resolving conflicts directly
  • using technology and social media ethically
  • making values-based decisions
  • reaching out to trustworthy adults

Each week, the girls will go home with a Friendship Journal topic.  You can encourage your daughter to use her journal to record her thoughts and feelings, either by drawing and/or writing.