Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Safe

Lionel Primary School

Working together to provide an educational environment that inspires, challenges and nurtures each child.

Spring 2021




English       ‘The Lost Happy Endings’ by Carol Ann Duffy & Jane Ray [Reading comprehensions & character   

descriptions]; ‘The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark’ by Jill Tomlinson [Reading comprehensions; Narrative writing; Poetry & Non-chronological reports]; including SPaG activities.


Maths         Number and Place Value; Addition and Subtraction; Properties of Shapes; Multiplication and Division; Fractions; Measurement (Length); Decimals; Statistics.


Science     Reproduction in Plants and Animals’ - Plant lifecycles; pollination and asexual reproduction; along with the reproduction process of a chicken, butterfly and frog.


History     Victorian Britain (1837 – 1901) - Exploring the following aspects: Queen Victorian’s reign; Town & Country life; Children at Work; Victorian Schooling; The Workhouse; New Inventions and the Great Exhibition; Growth of the Railways.


Geography   Mountains – Investigating mountain formations and tectonic plates; undertaking a comparative study of mountains across the world, looking at case studies of how mountains affect different landscapes and the lives of local people.


Art          William Morris - Analysing the prints of William Morris and recreating their own acrylic print and 2-D clay relief tile.


DT               Inventors and Scientists - Learning about famous inventors and their inventions; thinking about how they impacted the world of Science and Technology (David Attenborough, Stonehenge Astronomy; Eva Crane, Leonardo da Vinci).


RE              Judaism - Discussing how religious rules and customs affect people’s everyday lives; learning about the significance of the Torah; the Ten Commandments; Kosher foods and explaining the festival of Yon Kippur.


PSHE       Relationships – Learning about forming healthy friendships and future relationships and discussing Anti-bullying.


Music       Sing Up Assembly Songs - Revisiting and revising some previously taught songs; extending their knowledge of enunciation, rhythm and vocal range.


PE          Net game – Badminton; Fundamental Skills (Indoor)

                   Invasion Games; Athletics (Outdoors)


Computing   Online Safety – Recapping over how to use the internet safely, including the challenges of social media, online friendships and cyberbullying.

                         Databases - Searching and inputting information into pre-made databases; creating their own database around a chosen topic.