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Lionel Primary School

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Summer 2021




English        ‘The Worst Witch’ by Jill Murphy [Diary Entry] & ‘The Highwayman’ by Alfred Noyes [Narrative poem - exploring imagery and metaphors used by the author]; completing a range of comprehension texts and SPaG activities.


Maths         Number and Place Value; Addition and Subtraction; Properties of Shape; Multiplication and Division, including Measurement (Money); Fractions; Measurement (Volume & Capacity); Percentages (Including Fractions & Decimals); Statistics.


Science     Everyday Materials - Testing the properties of different materials and their suitability for use for different purposes. 

                   Marvellous Mixtures - Exploring reversible and irreversible changes that can be made to materials that change their molecular states.


History     Women Who Changed the World (20th Century) – Exploring how the role of women in society has changed due to the contributions of significant individuals (Emily Pankhurst, Marie-Curie, Amelia Earhart, Rosa Parks, Mother Teresa).


Geography   Climate Change - Identifying and comparing renewable energy types versus fossil fuels; discussing how natural resources are time-limited; looking at the effects of climate change on the oceans, Arctic region and rainforests.  Realising the impact of everyday choices on the planet and how behaviours can change.


Art        Extreme Artwork /Climate Change - Exploring and recreating Hokusai’s ‘Great Wave’; using colour, line and shading to create artistic tornadoes; exploring modern artwork with a “Call to action”; discussing how artists convey a message to produce their own climate change poster.    


DT              Musical Instruments – Researching a range of musical instruments, including those from different times and cultures; exploring ways to create different sounds and alter these to make different notes. Using this knowledge to design, make, evaluate and perform with a working musical instrument; whilst combining various materials to enhance appearance and function.


RE             ‘Islamic Rites of Passage’ (Islam) – Explaining the Five Pillars of Islam; exploring birth ceremonies and naming days; finding out about marriage and funeral ceremonies; understanding the importance of the Hajj.  


PSHE      Puberty – Learning about the changes that their bodies will go through and how to look after themselves during this time.  

                 Living in the Wider World - Focusing on real-life skills; discussing rights and responsibilities; money and taking care of the environment. Learning basic first-aid training.


Music     Dancing in the Street - Exploring rhythm and extending their knowledge of timings through singing in a round; learning about complementary notes and composing a more complex piece using the glockenspiel, in bars of 8.


PE           Dance; Gymnastics (Indoor)

                    Athletics; Cricket/ Rounders (Outdoor)


Computing   Game Creator - Using coding and debugging skills to create a multi-level adventure game with variables and scores.

                   3D Modelling - Using drawing tools to explore simulation and movement in a computer-based environment; to then create a 2-D net and make a 3-D model.

                   Concept Mapping - Designing and creating concept maps around a chosen topic and producing a presentation for the class.