Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Safe

Lionel Primary School

Working together to provide an educational environment that inspires, challenges and nurtures each child.

Visions and Values


Lionel Primary School was opened in 1931. We are part of a diverse and vibrant local community. Lionel Primary is 3 forms of entry throughout the school. Classes are mixed ability and have a maximum of 30 pupils.


We run a morning and afternoon Nursery, Rainbow Class, with 30 places available in each session.  It is situated in a separate block next to our pre-school facilities: Little Lions Playgroup. There is also a covered outside play area and an enclosed garden.


The school has extended day care schemes. There is a daily Breakfast Club, an extensive extra-curricular clubs programme and an Aftercare facility (Kamla’s Club) Further details and costs are available from the School Office.


The Speech and Language Centre, was established at Lionel in 1983. It is a Borough wide facility catering for 25 pupils aged 4 - 11 years. Places are allocated by the Hounslow SEN panel and all children have an Education, Health and Care Plan. Their general abilities fall within the average range although they require specialised language teaching. They are taught in small, usually mixed age classes and join mainstream classes for some lessons.


Lionel has excellent facilities and resources. We have two halls, and large resource areas used for a variety of groups and activities. We enjoy the use of 4 school mini buses which are used for school trips and weekly swimming sessions. The school also benefits from spacious, attractive grounds. We have a large playground and a sports field including a multi universal games area (MUGA).



Lionel Primary School Aims


Our aim at Lionel is to achieve excellence in all areas so that children flourish and attain the highest standards academically, socially and morally.


We will achieve this by:


  • Providing a safe, caring, stimulating and happy environment conducive to learning.

  • Ensuring that children develop a love for learning and become confident and resilient individuals.

  • Delivering a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum that enables each child to achieve his/her best.

  • Enriching the curriculum by providing a diverse programme of extra–curricular clubs, activities and trips.

  • Fostering strong, positive links with our local community.

  • Upholding high expectations of behaviour which are based on respect, co-operation, positivity and praise.

  • Maintaining a well-managed school with clear lines of communication.

  • Supporting the health and well-being of everyone in our school.

  • Offering high quality extended day care.


Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Safe.