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Lionel Primary School

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Year 1

Hello Pear, Pineapple and Plum Classes

Members of Staff:

Pineapple class- Ms Corcoran & Miss Wright

Pear class- Miss Stroud & Miss Deria

Plum class- Miss Schulz (Head of Year) & Mrs Green


We hope you have had a wonderful summer holiday and are looking forward to a brand new start in Year 1! We understand many of you may be feeling uneasy but we aim to make the jump from Reception to Year 1 as smooth as possible. We will be combining the Early Years and Year 1 curriculum to help the children settle in and learn material they may have missed at the end of last term. This year will be filled with exciting new topics and you will be amazed at the amount of progress your child will make.


In the morning, teachers or teaching assistants will meet the children at the door and pupils will be asked to use antibacterial gel and then hang up their coats/bags. A big thank you to the parents who have been staying outside the yellow line marked by your child’s door. We will only bring a few children into the cloakroom at a time to avoid overcrowding. Parents must stay and supervise their children outside until greeted by staff and do not enter the school. The register is taken at 9:00am and we begin our lessons straight away. If the children are late or absent they miss vital information and learning time. If your child’s door is closed, please take them to the office to be signed in.

Children will be provided with fresh fruit as a morning snack. Please send your child in with a water bottle (no fizzy drinks). Milk can be ordered at You can also send in a healthy snack (no nuts or chocolate please!) for afternoon play.


We will provide dates for trips, special events, and parent’s evenings on the school website and through ParentMail as and when they are applicable. We will also send out a termly newsletter to tell you about our new topics! You can find links to games and resources on our class pages on the school website.


Unfortunately, we cannot make appointments to meet with you before or after school due to the current conditions. If you need to speak to your class teacher, please email your questions or concerns to our Year 1 email address including your child’s name and class in the subject line and main body of the email so it can be directed appropriately. Thank you so much for your co-operation and we aim to respond within 48 hours.




Curriculum Information:

In Phonics the children will continue to use their sounds to improve their reading and writing. We learn new sounds daily and apply these sounds to spell new words! Once children are confident, we move on to learning alternative spellings. The weekly spellings we send home for homework will be based on the Read Write Inc. sound order and will get progressively harder over the year. You can see examples in the chart below.


In English the children will work on developing a love of reading through a variety of exciting books! Every child will be working hard to learn school handwriting, write on the line, use finger spaces, capital letters and a variety of punctuation. Please encourage them to write using these skills when completing homework or writing at home for fun.


In Numeracy the children will be developing their knowledge of numbers to 30, shapes and patterns, number facts (addition, subtraction, doubles, number bonds to 10), and much more! The homework we send will relate to what we will be doing in school each week. Each strand will be revisited throughout the year to ensure the learning has been consolidated.


Every half term we will alternate between teaching History or Geography. In the first half term we will be doing Geography and we will be learning about the world and the UK. After half term we will do History where the first topic of the year is “Toys and Games of the Past.” You can help your child look at some non-fiction books and show them some of your favourite toys that you had when you were their age!


In Science we will be learning about Autumn and materials. We will investigate sights, sounds, and weather of the new season. In materials, we will learn how to sort items into groups (fabric, wood, etc.), describe what they feel like, what we can build or make with the materials, etc. Ask your child how many different kinds of materials you can see around your house!


Other Key Information:


PE kits need to be brought into school ASAP. If your child does not have a full kit then they will be unable to participate. We will send kits home to be washed every Friday. It is a good idea to keep shorts and full length bottoms in your child’s PE kit so they are prepared for the outdoor sessions. Please ensure that each piece of kit (including shoes) is labelled with your child’s name as they are easily mixed up when the uniform looks the same!


PE days:

Pear- Monday & Friday

Pineapple- Wednesday & Thursday

Plum- Tuesday & Thursday

Homework folders will be sent out every Friday and it is due back on the following Friday. We strive for children to become independent in Year 1. The children are expected to bring their homework inside the classroom and not leave it in their bags. You can help your child by having it in their hand when they come in Friday mornings.  Homework will consist of weekly spellings that will be tested on the following Friday, a page of maths relating to our topic of the week, and reading books. Spelling results will be recorded on the spelling page and incorrect words will be highlighted for extra practice at home.


Reading books are required to be in school daily. It is expected that the children practice reading daily at home for a minimum of 10 minutes.  Please sign the reading records to let us know how many pages were read each night and when the books have been finished. We will be checking reading records throughout the week to monitor reading. It is part of the whole school’s reading policy that children that are not reading at home at least 3 times weekly will be required to read at playtime at the end of the week. Books will be changed on Tuesdays and Fridays.


At home, please encourage the children to sound out (not guess) the words and ask your child questions to make sure they have understood what they have read. It is very important that you assist your child’s learning at home by allowing them to use their new sounds, increase confidence over time and develop a love of reading! Reading a variety of other books to your children is also important so they can hear how words flow together to form sentences, and develop a greater range of vocabulary. You may also include non-school books in your child’s reading log. If it is a book you are reading together, please write “shared reading” in the reading log.


Please could you also have a spare set of clothes (underwear, tights/leggings/trousers) in your child’s bag in case of any unexpected accidents.




To help us teach our autumn term activities, we are looking for:

  • Old adult sized shirts (button up or inoffensive t-shirts) that we can use for painting!


Thank you and we look forward to a fantastic year!

The Year One Team

Additional Learning