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Yr 1 - Plum

Plum Class


Plum Class

Miss Schulz

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Christmas Performance:


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Class Assemblies:


Friday 20th March 2020


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Thursday 19th September 2019


Phonics Screening Check

Week commencing Monday 8 June 2020





  • Please ensure your child has their name written in every item of uniform including coats, hats, and shoes. This makes it much easier to find items that ‘wander’ and return them to their correct owners!
  • It is important that your child has a full PE kit at school so they can safely take part in PE lessons.
  • Your child will be read with at least once a week at school (class teacher, teaching assistant, RWI teacher). Please ensure that your child’s reading books are kept in their school bag even if they have not been finished yet.
  • Each child is required to read a minimum of 3 times a week. Books will be changed weekly on Monday and Thursday when they have been signed.
  • We love to celebrate your child’s birthday at school but please remember that if you choose to send in a treat to share, a nut-free individually wrapped treat or cupcakes are the easiest for us to hand out. Cutting up cakes or handing out party bags adds a lot of extra work to our already busy days!


We hope you have all had a wonderful summer holiday and are looking forward to a brand new start in Year One! This year will be filled with exciting new topics and you will be amazed at the amount of progress your child will make.

In order to achieve, we need to work together as a well-functioning team.  Speaking to teachers as we are collecting the children is not ideal because this cuts into precious learning time! If you have a question or concern, please see your class teacher after school to arrange a meeting. Thank you in advance for your understanding and support.


Class teachers and teaching assistants will meet the children in our lines at 8:55am and then take them to hang up coats/bags. Parents must stay with their children outside until greeted by staff and do not enter the school. The register is taken at 9:00am and we move straight into our Read Write Inc. groups. If the children are late or absent they miss vital information and learning time.


Children have a morning snack during playtime when fruit is provided. They can bring in their own water or milk can be bought through ParentPay. You can also send in a healthy snack for afternoon play. Please do not send in fizzy drinks or any snacks containing nuts.


In Phonics the children will continue to use their sounds to improve their reading and writing. Children will be split into groups which will rotate/change approximately every half term. Absences make a huge difference in your child’s learning because your child will be learning new sounds and skills every day.


In English the children will work on developing a love of reading through a variety of exciting books! Every child will be working hard to learn school handwriting, write on the line, use finger spaces, capital letters and a variety of punctuation. Please encourage them to write using these skills when completing homework or writing at home for fun.


In Numeracy the children will be developing their knowledge of number, shapes and patterns, number facts (addition, subtraction, doubles, half, number bonds to 10), counting money, measuring, and much more! The weekly homework will relate to what we will be doing in school each week. Each topic will be revisited throughout the year to ensure the learning has been consolidated.


Every half term we will alternate between teaching History or Geography. In the first half term we will be doing Geography and we will be learning about our local area and the UK. After half term we will do History where the first topic of the year is “Toys and Games.” You can help your child look at some non-fiction books and show them some of your favourite toys that you had when you were their age!


In Science we will be learning about Autumn and materials. We will investigate sights, sounds, and weather of the new season. In materials, we will learn how to sort items into groups (fabric, wood, etc.), describe what they feel like, what we can build or make with the materials, etc. See how many different kinds of materials you can see around your house.


PE kits need to be brought into school ASAP. If your child does not have a full kit then they will be unable to participate. We will send kits home to be washed as necessary and at the end of each half term. It is a good idea to keep a pair of navy shorts and full length navy tracksuit bottoms in your child’s PE kit so they are prepared for the cooler weather when we do outdoor sessions. Please ensure that each piece of kit (including shoes) is labelled with your child’s name as they are easily mixed up when the uniform looks the same!


Homework folders will be sent out every Monday and it is due back on the following Monday. We strive for children to become independent in Year 1. The children are expected to bring their homework inside the classroom and not leave it in their bags. You can help your child by having it in their hand when they line up on Monday mornings.  Homework will consist of weekly spellings that will be tested on the following Monday, a page of maths relating to our topic of the week, and reading books. Spelling results will be recorded in the homework folder.


Reading books are required to be in school daily. It is expected that the children practice reading daily at home for a minimum of 10 minutes.  Please sign the reading records to let us know how many pages were read and when the books are finished. Encourage the children to sound out (not guess) any tricky words and ask your child questions to make sure they have understood what they have read. It is very important that you assist your child’s learning at home by reading and completing all assigned homework.


We will be checking reading records on Monday and Thursday to monitor reading and to change books that have been read. Children that are not reading at least 3 times weekly will be required to read at playtime at the end of the week.



Here are a few learning links that you can use to support your child’s learning at home: