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Year 5

Hello Ash, Beech and Elm pupils

Welcome to the Year 5 Class Pages


Welcome to Year 5


We would like to extend a warm welcome to all the children and parents joining us on our Year 5 adventure this year! If you have any queries, you can email us at


Year 5 Staff


Ash Class Teacher: Miss McGowan

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Kelly


Beech Class Teacher: Ms Johnston

Teaching Assistant: Ms Cowan


Elm Class Teachers: Mrs Al-Tahan and Ms Moores

Teaching Assistant: Ms Joseph


PE / Games


Your children will need to wear a PE kit to school on their PE days. Please ensure that this adheres to Lionel school uniform (no bright colours or large logos please).


Ash Class

Tuesdays and Fridays

Beech Class

Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Elm Class

Tuesdays and Fridays




Each week will be given as follows:

  1. English and Maths homework is given out every Friday and to be returned on a Wednesday.
  2. Spellings will be given out on Monday for the weekly test on Friday.                                 
  3. If spellings are not learnt properly (no more than 3 incorrect spellings) your child will be required to relearn their words over the weekend; and will be retested the following Monday.
  4. Reading Record– Must be signed but if your child would like to write 1 or 2 sentences they can. The children should complete 20 minutes of daily reading.
  5. Times tables are practised regularly in class and it would be beneficial if they practice at home also.
  6. Maths and English homework books are provided. The children will be given one page of each book per week to complete.
  7. Topic Related Projects are often given over holiday periods.



Children should apply the same standards of presentation to their homework as their schoolwork.




This is our curriculum content for the Autumn term:



Power of Reading Texts:

Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth

A thought-provoking picture book with a message of unity and kindness. The children will develop their inference, sequencing and prediction skills, as well as completing lots of short creative writing pieces based on this book’s inspirational themes. 

A Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom

A book about growing up and friendship issues. The children explore character motive and feeling and produce writing in role in an informal style.

The Highwayman

When looking at this narrative poem, the children explore imagery and metaphors used by the author.


The following Maths topics are revisited termly:

Number and Place Value

The four operations: +, -, x, ÷

Fractions, incl. decimals and percentages

Ratio and Proportion



Geometry – properties of shapes, position and direction



Earth and Beyond

The children identify the planets in the solar system and describe the formation and life cycle of stars. They begin to discuss how the rotation of the Earth and Moon and the revolution around the Sun affects the changing seasons and climate on Earth.


Feel the Force

Through experimentation of friction, up thrust, air resistance and gravity, the children develop an understanding of the theories of Archimedes and Newton and how this affects the forces acting around us.




Ancient Greece

An investigation into the lives of the Ancient Greeks and their contributions to mankind through democracy, architecture, sport and art.



Time Zones: the Sun Never Sets on the Commonwealth

The children will understand how the Earth is spilt into lines of longitude and latitude and identify countries in different time zones. They will learn the history of the Commonwealth and undertake an in-depth study of a Commonwealth country.



The children will learn how to write and debug code to complete tasks. They will create and control variables to simulate physical systems.


Online Safety

The children will understand how to use the internet safely, including the challenges of social media, online friendships and cyberbullying.



Health and Wellbeing

Children discuss what make a balanced and healthy lifestyle, exploring choices that can affect physical and mental health and the choices they can make to improve these aspects.

Opportunities to explore the current health crisis and support the children in managing their feelings and anxieties.



Through learning about the festival of Diwali, the children compare the meaning of light in Hinduism and other religions. They learn about the customs, gods and common features of Hindu temples.


Greek Vases

The children look at the Ancient Greek style of artwork and pottery and create their own vase using papier mache.

Design Technology


Children develop their understanding of, and skills in working with food through investigating existing products and exploring the functions and properties of ingredients, which they apply when making and evaluating their own bread / Greek-themed products. They use a range of techniques using food tools and equipment, taking account of good safety and hygiene.


Living on a Prayer

Classroom Jazz 1

The children will explore the musical genres and development of rock and jazz. They will be able to repeat simple patterns on the glockenspiel.


The Planets

The children will be able to name the planets in the solar system and describe them by colour and size using subject and adjective agreement in their sentences.


French Food

The children will be able to name food and discuss their likes and dislikes using subject and adjective agreement.

PE / Games

Invasion Games

The children play Rugby with a focus on spatial awareness, rules, strategy and attack and defence.



Throwing, jumping and running with a focus on incomplete content from last year.



Best wishes,

The Year 5 Team