Holy Trinity Primary School Achieving Our Best


Attendance & Punctuality


Lessons begin at 8.55am


Lessons finish at 3.30pm


To make our school outstanding you can help by making sure your child comes to school every day and arrives on time.

We are going to all work together to make our attendance go up from 95% (satisfactory) to 97% (outstanding) by the end of each school year.



Help to give your child the best start in life. A very good way to support your child is to make sure s/he comes to school every day.


Missing days means gaps in learning which seriously affects progress. It is a legal duty to send your children to school every day and we ask you to commit to this.


High attendance leads to higher achievement and ensures your child’s well-being, setting up positive habits for future studies and working life.

Start as you mean to go on!


Acceptable Reasons for Being off School

• Illness  e.g measles, chicken pox, sickness and diarrhoea

• Medical appointments that have to be arranged in term time with proof

• One off exceptional circumstances such as a family funeral


These absences will be recorded as authorised.


Unacceptable Reasons for Being off School

• Holiday during term time

• Shopping

• Birthdays

• Days out

• Getting up late

• Being off when brothers and sisters are ill

• Using children to look after other children or relations in the house


These absences will be recorded as unauthorised.




School time is too valuable to miss!

Children spend less than 8% of their life in school from birth to age 16


When a child is late for school he or she may feel:






Left out

Punctuality is important throughout life – this is one of the basic expectations in professional lives/

It is unacceptable to be late due to oversleeping or general traffic.

Being late can mean missing the vital introduction to a lesson.


At Lionel Primary School learning begins immediately at 8.55 a.m. every school day.


Issues with Attendance or Punctuality?

Talk to the school if you need advice or support on 020 8560 5323