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I have just seen the posting from my elder brother John. I well remember Miss Hattersley and how interested she was in us even years after we had left.  I was 8 when we were evacuated first to Chesham then to Port Isaac where about 20  pupils from  Lionel Road were billeted  in  the Castle Rock Hotel. We thought it was a great adventure but I don't think  our parents did.
I am delighted to know how  well regarded the school is and wish you continued success in the future.
David Price


 I attended Lionel Road School from 1938 to 1940 and was evacuated with the school to Chesham, Bucks and then to Port Isaac in Cornwall, leaving to go to a grammar school there.  I remember the school fondly. I used to walk across Gunnersbury Park from my home on the other side. My teacher was Mr. Whitty and the headmistress, Miss Hattersley. 
Interested to see your lively website and to see that all is well with the school
John Price
Calgary, Alberta, Canada


What a great website.  It is clearly a very different school from when I attended from 1947 to 1951.
Well done everyone
A rather old ex-pupil!    

Canon John Sansom


My daughter attended Reception Class at Lionel up until Easter and I can't thank enough the hard work done at the school. Now that she's attending another school, I can see the big gap between them. Lionel is well ahead in the program and my daughter benefited  greatly, she had and amazing teacher who always kept her motivated.
I can't stop feeling  that in the new school she is missing out on learning and her skills are being put to sleep. Her reading was fantastic, and now she's given texts she already had 6 months ago in Lionel!!!!
So if any parent is thinking about applying to Lionel  School, please do it, your children will have an enormous opportunity to have a great start in their educational journey.
Kind Regards,
Parent of ex pupil.


Thank you for keeping us posted with pictures from YR 6 school journey, it great to see them having so much fun, will they want to come home.


Chessington trip photos look great, the children (and staff) look like they all had a great time. What a fantastic treat after a hard week of SAT's.

Sarah Boyadji  (Parent)


As secondary school teachers visiting from Isleworth and Syon School, it was fantastic to see such a cheerful and colourful school. The displays are lovely, the children polite and enthusiastic and the staff were very welcoming to us throughout our visit. Many thanks to Lionel Primary for having us for the day!
Camilla Lupton and Cathy Tighe
Teach First Participants


What fantastic messages there are on the site! makes me very proud
to be associated with the school, the staff and all the pupils!
This is a great site!
I love it when the children recognise me in the community, they are so cheerful both inside the school and outside of it
Reverend Derath Durkin. 


 I went round the whole school recently, after being elected Chair of Governors, and two things really struck me: what a bright and cheerful school we have and how well-behaved the children are. They were proud to show me their work and both they and their teachers talked confidently about what they were doing. I'm not surprised that so many families are trying to get their children into Lionel!

G. Dutton, Chair of Governors


Thank you allowing me to visit Lionel Primary for two days as part of my teacher training. It was a fantastic experience! I was able to observe Reception and Years 1, 2, 5 (Speech and Language) and 6. The children were perfectly behaved as well as very sweet and polite. There was no calling out or fidgeting on the carpets. What happens to them at secondary school??  I was particularly impressed by Year 6. Their class books were absolutely immaculate and regularly marked with formative feedback. They also had separate "Technical English" books as punctuation and grammar have been a particular focus. So many of the students were applying the knowledge they had acquired through this rigorous course to their general writing (i.e. the use of embedded clauses etc.) Very technical stuff. Also, in their assessment folders, students had a range of writing assessments reflecting their ability in a wide variety of genres i.e. creative-writing (fiction), writing to inform, writing to persuade etc. All in all, a brilliant day. And, as a bonus, I even learnt about a new dinosaur I'd never heard of! Thank you, Year 1.

Sian Sawbridge (Trainee Teacher - Isleworth & Syon) 


 A very interesting and informative web site. The photographs and moving images are delightful and show what a happy and busy school Lionel is.

V. Whitby (Lecturer, Roehampton University)


Website looks great. S.B. (parent)


 What a brilliant website.  Very informative,  easy to navigate. (General visitor)


Fantastic website helpful information easy to find out all that's happening within the school. H. Smith