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Lionel Primary School

Working together to provide an educational environment that inspires, challenges and nurtures each child.

Year 2

Hello Blueberry, Blackberry and Bramble pupils 😊


Welcome to the Year Two page!


Below is some useful information about what the children will learn in the Summer Term. If you have any queries, please contact us on the Year Two email



Class teacher – Miss Selby

Learning support assistant – Mrs Modak



Class teacher – Miss Wilson

(Head of Year 2)

Learning support assistant – Miss Hazelmoon



Class teacher – Miss Whitehead

Learning support assistant – Mrs Riwnjy



A day in Year Two


*remember your child needs: a refillable water bottle, one healthy snack for afternoon play, full Lionel Primary School uniform, reading record & books every day*


8: 40 – 9:00 Soft start, children enter the classroom through the playground door and work/read independently at their tables. The register is taken at 9:00am and we begin our lessons straight away. If the children are late or absent they miss vital information and learning time. If your child’s door is closed, please take them to the office to be signed in.

9:00 – 10:00 Maths

10:00 – 10:20 Morning break

10:20 – 11:40 Phonics and English

11:40 – 12:40 Lunch

12:40 – 2:15 Afternoon lessons e.g. History, Geography, Science, Religious Education, Art, Music, P.S.H.E., Computing, P.E., Design Technology, Spelling and Grammar, Handwriting, Reading Comprehension 

2:15 – 2:30 Afternoon break

2:30 – 3:25 Afternoon lessons continued

3:25 – 3:35 Home time


Summer Curriculum Grid, Year Two


English: The Power of Reading Scheme

The Lonely Beast by Chris Judge


Lila and the Secret of Rain by David Conway


Maths: Busy Ants Scheme


Number and Place Value; Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division (2, 5, 10 and 3), Fractions; Measurement: Length, Weight, Capacity, Time, Money; 2D Shapes, Symmetry, Co-ordinates, Statistics (presenting and interpreting data), Problem-Solving/Reasoning across all Maths Topics

Science: Snap Science Scheme

Growing Up and Taking Care


Schools and Homes in the Past


Food Journeys


Textiles, painting and imaginative drawing

Design and Technology

Vehicles - Mechanisms: Wheels and Axels


Charanga Scheme


Purple Mash Scheme




Hertfordshire Trust Scheme


P.S.H.E. Association Scheme



All our homework is now set online on Google Classroom, it will appear in a new topic each Monday afternoon and is due by 8:00am Friday. Each week you will receive a list of 10 spellings to be practised at home over the course of the week, and one piece of maths covering what was taught in the previous week's maths lessons at school. If you have any issues with your Google Classroom account, please contact us on the Year Two email at We test spellings on Friday and should your child score 6/10 or less, we will send you home photocopy of their test so you can see where they have struggled.



Your support in reading at home a little every day is invaluable in developing your child’s fluency and understanding. Daily reading at home is essential for your child’s learning and comprehension in Year 2. We expect children to be reading at home for at least 10 minutes daily at home (please be sure to sign their reading record after every time you read with them).

Your child is responsible for changing their own books and we ask them to bring their reading record and books into school every day, whether they have had their reading record signed or not. Reading records are monitored daily to ensure children are reading regularly. To promote reading for pleasure, we also lend library books from our class library which can be changed weekly. As we tell the children, reading is FUN-damental!

In Year Two you should try to extend your child’s reading by asking them comprehension questions about the text. Who? What? When? Where? How? Why?



Mental Health and Wellbeing

Since our return to school at the end of the Spring Term, we have continued our focus on mental health and wellbeing. Each day we do a ‘feelings check-in’ with the children, we make time for ‘brain breaks’ to keep minds and bodies active and so far in P.S.H.E. lessons we have focussed on the themes of self-belief, connectedness, gratitude and hope. Lots has changed for our pupils over the last year and by using a mentally healthy and inclusive approach to wellbeing, behaviour and learning, we aim to provide a supportive and positive classroom environment to help each child thrive.



Your child must have a full P.E. kit to participate in lessons, we will send the kit home for washing each week.

P.E. days are:

Blueberry – Monday and Thursday

Bramble – Monday and Thursday

Blackberry – Wednesday and Friday


Behaviour and Expectations

Children in Year Two are expected to begin to take more responsibility for their behaviour, their belongings and their learning. As a school, we strive to be Ready, Respectful and Safe and these expectations permeate our day to day teaching and learning.  

We expect children to follow our school and classroom rules and we reward them with verbal praise, stickers, smilies, prizes from our treasure box and by putting them on our recognition board. We also select ‘Wow Work’ each week to be displayed in our window and each class has a ‘Star of the Week’ and a ‘Reader of the Week’.