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Year 3

Hello to the families from Fir, Pine and Chestnut Classes

Welcome to the Year 3 web page.



Chestnut Class: Ms Taylor (Year Group Leader) & Mrs Corcoran


Fir Class: Ms Goh & Mrs Corcoran


Pine Class: Mr Jones & Mrs Corcoran


Year 3 Learning Support Assistants: Mrs Kelly, Mrs Razzaq & Ms Ghimis




'Soft start' is from 8:40 until 8:55 everyday.  We listen to children reading during this time so the earlier they arrive the better! Each day children should bring with them a ruck-sack or bag, a water bottle (which can be re-filled from the water dispenser in school) and if possible, some fruit as a mid-morning snack. Please ensure that your child wears the correct school uniform, which can be found under policies on this website.



Homework is set on Google Classroom every Friday and is to be returned on the following Wednesday. Each week children will receive a list of up to 7 words (which are personalised) to be practised at home over the course of the week and timestables set in TTRS. If you have any issues with your Google Classroom account, please contact us on the Year Three email at We test spellings and times tables on Thursdays and Fridays.



Your support in reading at home a little every day is invaluable in developing your child’s fluency and understanding. Daily reading is essential and we expect children to be reading with a parent/guardian for at least 15 minutes each day. Please be sure to sign your child’s reading record every time you listen to them read.


At the beginning of the year children are shown how to change their reading book. Children are then responsible for changing their own books and we ask them to bring their reading record and books into school every day. Reading records are monitored to ensure children are reading regularly. As we tell the children, reading is FUN-damental! Children will visit the school's library on alternate Mondays.  You can visit the library before and after school if your child's book needs changing.


In Year 3 you should try to extend your child’s understanding and vocabulary by asking them comprehension questions about the text. Who? What? When? Where? How? Why?



Year 3 is an exciting year for your child. They will continue to grow their learning independence and build upon existing knowledge and skills. Please check the current half termly curriculum overview for further information about our curriculum (See 'About us' - 'Curriculum').



Physical Education including Swimming

Children need to have their P.E. kit in school on a Monday morning and they can take it home on Friday for washing. The P.E. kit consists of: a pair of navy shorts, a white polo T-shirt, plimsolls and navy track-suit for cold weather. Trainers must be worn for outdoor games. Please ensure that all items belonging to your child fit them and are labelled with their name.

  • Fir Class P.E. – Monday and Tuesday
  • Pine P.E - Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Chestnut P.E. – Tuesday and Friday


Each term, a class will have swimming lessons in Brentford Leisure Centre on Mondays from 11.30am - 12.00pm.  Chestnut class will go swimming  in autumn, Fir in spring and Pine in the summer term. 


Behaviour and Expectations 

Children in Year Three are expected to begin to take more responsibility for their behaviour, their belongings and their learning. As a school, we strive to be Ready, Respectful and Safe and these expectations permeate our day to day teaching and learning.  

We expect children to follow our school and classroom rules and we reward them with verbal praise, stickers, smilies and by putting them on our recognition board. We also select a ‘Star of the Week’ and a ‘Reader of the Week’.


Each term we explore a different value: T1: courage, T2: kindness, T3: collaboration, T4: perseverance, T4: fairness, T5: thankfulness. Each week, every adult in school recognising a child for demonstrating one of our core values and will be named in the weekly newsletter.




Thank you for your support with your child’s learning.

The Year 3 Team

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Research facts about plastic waste in the ocean


Make a poster to reduce the amount of plastic waste in the rivers and oceans


Go on a plastic litter pick


Visit the Ancient Egyptian collection in the British Museum 


Design and make a statue of an Ancient Egyptian God or Goddess


Write a secret message in hieroglyphics


Make up a quiz with facts about Rivers