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Lionel Allotment - BLOG





Welcome to the Lionel Allotment Blog. As part of our Eco Schools action plan developed early last year, we are beginning to create an outdoor learning space for all Lionel children to enjoy. Suitably named ‘The Lionel Allotment’, having a school garden at Lionel Primary will provide our children with an abundance of outdoor learning. From watching how plants grow and develop to students having the opportunity to get outside and get their hands grubby; it is a great source of fun. 



The aim of Lionel Allotment is to:

  • Actively engage students in learning more about plants, including vegetables and fruit, and seeing how they develop and what conditions are needed to grow them.
  • Children can learn about nutrition and how these foods can have long term health benefits whilst also enjoying and trying different fruits and vegetables. 
  • It provides a different environment for the children to be in the open air and learning. A change of scenery is a great way to improve their readiness to learn.
  • It also teaches students essential life skills, such as the benefits of working in a team and how you can work together to create something calm, bright and colourful for everyone to enjoy, responsibility, independence, confidence and communication.


We are very excited to be growing a variety of produce and to provide hands on, outdoor experience for our pupils. On this blog, we will update you regularly on the progress of our allotment. 









January 2021 


We planted the seed and discussed the idea of an allotment 2 years ago after our first environmental school survey. The space of our allotment was decided. Transforming this space began instantly with old brambles, nettles, weeds and some dead trees removed. Here are the before pictures after the brambles, nettles and weeds were removed.  

February 2021 


Work began turning over the soil to remove roots and rocks. Ms Baldwin had some volunteers to help, including Gerard, Mrs Marsden, Miss Wilson and Phil, Mrs Taylor, Kit and Bella, Mrs Joyce and Paul. While digging, we found many creepy crawlies and some friendly amphibians. A fence was put up to separate the staff lounge and allotment area and we started building the raised beds out of pallets. 



March 2021 


Word quickly got out about the fantastic work on the allotment. So many members from our Lionel Primary community offered to help, donate goods or passed on contacts that would help us if needed. Our team of volunteers worked hard to put together the raised beds, filled them with soil, lifted old pavers to make way for new donated pavers, sowed new grass seeds and finally finished removing all the weeds, roots and rocks.