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Year 5

Hello Ash, Beech and Elm pupils

Welcome to the Year 5 Class Pages


Welcome to Year 5


We would like to extend a warm welcome to all the children and parents joining us on our Year 5 adventure this year! If you have any queries, you can email us at


Year 5 Staff


Ash Class Teacher: Miss McGowan

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Kelly


Beech Class Teacher: Ms Johnston

Teaching Assistant: Ms Cowan


Elm Class Teachers: Mrs Al-Tahan and Ms Moores

Teaching Assistant: Ms Joseph


PE / Games


Your children will need to wear a PE kit to school on their PE days. Please ensure that this adheres to Lionel school uniform (no bright colours or large logos please).


Ash Class

Tuesdays and Fridays

Beech Class

Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Elm Class

Tuesdays and Fridays




Each week will be set on Google Classroom as follows:

  1. English and Maths homework is set every Friday and to be returned on a Wednesday.
  2. Spellings will be set on Monday for the weekly test on Friday.                                 
  3. If spellings are not learnt properly (no more than 3 incorrect spellings) your child will be required to relearn their words over the weekend; and will be retested the following Monday.
  4. Reading Record– Must be signed but if your child would like to write 1 or 2 sentences they can. The children should complete 20 minutes of daily reading.
  5. Times tables are practised regularly in class and it would be beneficial if they practice at home also. The children have a personal times table, which are tested every Friday.
  6. Topic Related Projects are often given over holiday periods.



Children should apply the same standards of presentation to their homework as their schoolwork.




This is our curriculum content for the Summer term:



Power of Reading Texts:

Street Child

Based on the true story of a Victorian orphan, this book will encourage the children to empathise with people in the past. They will undertake research to create their own Historical narrative based on Dr Barnardo’s homes for children.



A wartime tale about a boy who forms an unlikely friendship with a fox. The children will explore and develop empathy for the characters, discussing their motives and investigating complex vocabulary. The children will develop responses through drama and create their own ending for the story.



The following Maths topics are revisited termly:

Number and Place Value

The four operations: +, -, x, ÷

Fractions, incl. decimals and percentages

Ratio and Proportion



Geometry – properties of shapes, position and direction




Everyday Materials

The children discuss and test the properties of different materials and their suitability for use for different purposes.


Marvellous Mixtures

Through experimentation children explore reversible and irreversible changes that can be made to materials that change their molecular states.




Women Who Changed the World (20th Century)

An overview on how the role of women in society has changed due to the contributions of significant individuals including: Emily Pankhurst, Marie-Curé, Amelia Earhart, Rosa Parks and Mother Teresa.



Climate Change

The children will be able to identify and compare renewable energy types to fossil fuels and discuss how natural resources and limited and running out. They will look at the affects of climate change on the oceans, Arctic region and rainforests. They will be able to understand the impact of everyday choices on the planet and how we can change our behaviours.



Game Creator

The children will use their coding and debugging skills to create a multi-level adventure game with variables and scores.


3D Modelling

The children will use drawing tools to explore simulation and movement in a computer-based environment. They will create their own 2D net and make a 3D model.


Concept Mapping

The children will design and create their own concept maps around a chosen topic and produce a presentation for the class.




The children learn the changes that their bodies will go through and how to look after themselves during this time.


Living in the Wider World

A focus on real-life skills that the children can take forward into their adult lives. Discussions will take place on rights and responsibilities, money and taking care of the environment. The children will also take part on basic first-aid training.




An overview of Christian celebrations that take place during the calendar year, with in depth study on Advent and Easter. The children will learn stories about Jesus post-resurrection and discuss the theme of identity within the Christian faith.



Climate Change Artwork

The children look at modern artwork with a “call to action”. They discuss how artists convey a message and produce their own climate change poster. 


Design Technology

Musical Instruments

Children learn about the construction of a range of musical instruments, including those from different times and cultures, and how different sounds can be created and altered to make different notes. They learn to use this knowledge and understanding to design, make, evaluate and perform with a working musical instrument, combining various materials to enhance appearance and function.



Dancing in the Street

Children continue their exploration of rhythm and extend their knowledge of timings through singing in a round. They learn about complementary notes and compose more complex pieces on the glockenspiel in bars of 8.



French Food

The children will be able to name food and discuss their likes and dislikes using subject and adjective agreement.



The children will be able to name different types of music, discuss their preferences and justify their opinions using the conjunctions and, but, because and however.


PE / Games


Throwing, jumping and running with a focus on preparing for athletics competitions and Sports Day.


Striking and Fielding

The children play Rounders and Cricket to improve their batting, fielding and teamwork skills.


Net Games

The children will begin to play Tennis matches, using their skills from previous years to score their games.



Best wishes,

The Year 5 Team