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Special Events

Anti Bullying Week

At Lionel, Anti-bullying week has been celebrated throughout the week and had the theme ‘One Kind Word.’ In celebration of this special time we have been spreading KINDNESS across our school. Throughout the week we have been using a ‘7 Days of Kindness’ calendar which encouraged two acts of kindness each day – one for someone else and one for ourselves. Children across the school have learnt about what it means to be a bully, what to do if you are bullied. We believe that bullying of any kind is totally unacceptable and it will not be tolerated in our school. At Lionel, we take all incidents of bullying seriously. We have dedicated Friday afternoon to a range of exciting anti-bullying activities. Please look at our amazing photos.

Key Stage 2 Poetry by Heart House Competition 2021

The Results!

This week at Lionel, we have been treated to some fantastic poetry recitals from children from Year 3 all the way up to Year 6, in the Finals of our Key Stage 2 House Poetry by Heart Competition.

For the finals, we were delighted to welcome two of our Governors, Ms Bellwood and Mrs James, and Mrs Krivosic and Ms Baldwin to judge. Once again, the performances were brilliant – all the children seemed to have upped their game since Round 2, making judging extremely hard. In the end, the winners for each Year Group were:

Grace (Year 3 – Blue Lions)

Ava (Year 4 – Blue Lions)

Abdassamad (Year 5 – Yellow Jaguars)

Feras (Year 6 – Green Tigers)

All four performances were of an exceptional standard, but Ava’s recital of The Witches’ Chant adapted from Macbeth by William Shakespeare won the Overall Winner. Ava will have her name and House engraved on our House Poetry Competition Shield, joining those of past winners.

Below are the winning performances. We are sure you'll enjoy them as much as we have!


Year 3 - Grace.mp4

Still image for this video

Year 4 - Ava.mp4

Still image for this video

Year 5 - Abdassamad.mp4

Still image for this video

Year 6 - Feras.mp4

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Harlequins Visit to Lionel 20th October 2021

Year 2 Victorian Day

All of our Year 2 children took part in a Victorian themed day today.  They learnt what it would have been like to be in a Victorian school.

Well done everyone for dressing up and joining in!

Year 6 Careers Day


Year 6 took part in our first Lionel Careers Day. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn and take inspiration from different places of work. Thank you to Mrs Newth, Mr Hyde, Mrs Brown, Mrs Williams, Mrs Doremus and Mrs Bowerman for taking part and being so engaging and to Ms Johnston for doing a great job organising.

A few photos from our Year 6 Careers day

Brentford Football Club at the Brentford Sports Hub

Rishi Sunak visits Gunnersbury Park Sports Hub

On Thursday 24th June, our KS2 girls took part in a coaching session run by Brentford Football Club at the Brentford Sports Hub.

There were a variety of activities run by FA qualified coaches and finished with small-sided matches.

We were joined by Josh De Silva (Brentford Midfielder) and VIP Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak.





This year the event was organised across the week.

Which was a huge success. The children thoroughly enjoyed competing and trying out new races. Everyone earned a well deserved medal for their endeavours.

Somerset House Trip




On Tuesday 11th May we were lucky enough to take part in a virtual author visit with Baroness Floella Benjamin. Everyone from Year 1 through to Year 6 took part on Tuesday morning. The event caused a real buzz around school with both staff and pupils saying how inspirational they found it. Below are a few quotes form the pupils -


I loved her positive attitude throughout the entire zoom live event. I absolutely loved when she sung at the end of the call. She has had an amazing life and has been so successful. She is so kind and is always smiling.                        

Holly – Sycamore Class – Year 6


I really enjoyed watching Floella Benjamin. She is a really positive person. Personally, I think she is the nicest person I’ve seen in a long time. Also, watching Floella Benjamin it’s made me more positive and more happy. She is a very big inspiration to me and I think she would be to anyone else you could think of. Lastly, she is a very lucky woman because she met the Queen and works for the House of Lords.                                                                                               

Finley – Sycamore Class – Year 6


I enjoyed the speech because it was very inspirational and it showed that even if you feel like giving you, don’t as you can be anything you want to be! I liked how she spoke about her journey and how she was eventually reunited with her family again after being left in Trinidad.          

Mia – Oak Class - Year 6


The reason I liked Baroness Floella Benjamin’s talk was because she was very open with her life and did not hide anything. She was the first black Children’s TV presenter and speaks for the rights of children. This is one of the things she said – “Courage, Consideration, Contentment and Confidence”.                                                  Hafsa- Oak Class – Year 6


Floella Benjamin, a very positive person. She smiled the entire way and brought up the mood which I thoroughly enjoyed. Even though her incredible life story was long, it wasn’t boring. You would never want to stop listening. It’s almost like zoned out. Like you were there. I think Floella is an incredible role model and she is incredibly brave.  Not only that she produces incredible stories, her acting is as if it is non-fiction. Her singing and dancing is unbelievable. She is even a member of the House of Lords. She is stunning and that was from the heart.                                  

Marianna – Oak Class – Year 6   


Floella Benjamin is so positive in every single way. It’s hard not to smile when you see her- she’s got an incredible nice heart. Even though she went through so much a kid because of her race she stayed strong and changes other peoples lives with her powerful words and positivity Her actions and the way she explained what her childhood was like beats all, she has so much energy and really inspires me. Floella has a one in a kind smile and as soon as she smiles its like another universe opens up. On top of this Floella Benjamin is very successful with just one saying, “Education is the passport to life” and she worked hard and stood by it until she came successful.                                                                  

Saoirse – Oak Class – Year 6


Baroness Floella Benjamin is a determined and talented human, she has opened so many eyes to a new improved world where children have rights. Baroness Floella Benjamin has made me look at the World from an even better viewpoint. When I grow up and I’m older I want to be like Baroness Floella Benjamin.                                                   

Aliya – Oak Class - Year 6


I liked when she talked about people should be treated the same way you want to be treated. Also, when she first came to England she got bullied because of her skin colour so she fought all the people but after she got into trouble for doing that. So she stopped and started to think with her head more and ignored what they thought. Floella lived in a flat with 7 people and all she remembered was her Mum loved her. Now she is part of the parliament.             

Anis – Sycamore Class – Year 6


Baroness Floella Benjamin spreads contentment, consideration, confidence and courage. I am so very excited to read her book “Coming to England” because she gives her whole life story as she is so open minded. She was also an amazing children’s TV presenter and surprisingly she is a member of the House of Lords. I also love how she speaks for children and she is the speaker for the rights of children. She came from Trinidad she was a little happy family until her father wanted to go to England, so he went and left her mother, her and her siblings. Then one day, her mother took her siblings with her and left to go to England and left the Baroness with her Aunt and Uncle. Until her Mum was invited her to go to England. Read the book to find out what happens next.                                              

Honey- Oak – Year 6


Floella Benjamin has a really amazing life full of ups and downs. I loved her bubbly personality and how she is positive and always 100%. Her story inspires me and my classmates. I Love how she loved England until it loved her back. She could have rebelled but decided to stay strong. She taught me that sometimes you can change yourself before you change others.                                                                                          

Qayla- Year 6

Floella Benjamin had a zoom call, she told us how when she came to England and how things were different because during the Windrush generation white people hated coloured people. At school she overcame a lot of things. My favourite quote was: education is the passport for your life. She has become really successful by achieving everything and overcoming what was put in the way. 

Olivia – Sycamore- Year 6


She is a very strong independent woman who talked about her life as a child to Lionel and we all loved it! She sung to us (it was amazing) and she told us a lot of sad and exciting things: like when she was bullied at school because of her skin (which is not OK). She also told us that she lived in a one bedroom flat with 8 people! Amazingly she is now a member of the House of Lords. She is 71 and looks like she is about 40! Summer – Sycamore -Year 6


Willow Class comments-

I liked the advice that Floella was giving about how to lead a happy life.” Joy


“I liked the song that Floella sang called ’Smile’.” Nylah


“Floella told us that education is the passport to life which means that don’t worry what people say about you, concentrate on your learning.” Saanvi


“I remember that Floella said there was a day when she stopped fighting with her fists and started fighting with her mind which meant that her angry attitude changed to a positive one.” Rory


“I liked the way Floella was acting with her hands and her voice.” Bobby

Year 5 Comments

"I enjoyed the Floella Benjamin Workshop, it was encouraging and she told us her amazing story about her life. I will always remember this." Lena


"The Floella Benjamin call was amazing. I never thought I would meet someone with such talent and an amazing story." Leyton


"I liked the visit from Baroness Floella Benjamin because her story was so inspirational and positive." Alan








RED NOSE DAY has brought us together through laughter, showing just how powerful humour can be.

Together, we’ve raised a whopping grand total of £858.15 for Comic Relief and have smashed our School target of £500.  

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU for getting your Noses On, donating and  fundraising.

TRANSPORT FOR LONDON-Virtual workshop Year 6- Keeping safe

On Tuesday, Year 6 children attended a virtual session with Transport for London learning how to stay safe when out and about. As they will soon be travelling to their new secondary schools on their own, it is important that they understand the hazards of travelling around on foot, bicycle and public transport.

Here’s what our Year 6s had to say about the session:


"I never knew before the workshop that you had to

stand the length of your body plus one step away

from the curb when waiting for a bus or tube."


"I can’t wait to get my Zip card to travel to school with!"


"It was good to be reminded that I shouldn’t stare at my

phone when walking to school."


"We were told where it’s safe to sit on a bus and

that we shouldn’t stand near the driver."

As part of our PSHE curriculum and our continuing work to develop all children’s social, emotional and behavioural skills we have been celebrating Anti-Bullying Week (16 – 20th November). This year the theme for Anti-Bullying Week was “United Against Bullying” and the goal was to inform children and young people, parents and carers that it takes a collective responsibility to stop bullying. Children across the school have developed the skills, understanding and confidence to recognise and act when they see or experience bullying. They learnt what makes them, and others, unique how important it is that every child feels valued and included in school, able to be themselves, without fear of bullying. We believe that bullying of any kind is totally unacceptable and it will not be tolerated in our school. On Friday we have asked the children to wear odd socks and dedicated Friday afternoon to exciting anti-bullying activities. We have also shared lots of books about bullying with all children and each class have created a video that would be available on our website very soon.


On Friday at Lionel we have proudly celebrated the WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY. The children came to school wearing bright, happy clothes. In the afternoon, they have participated in a range of engaging activities and classroom discussion, where they learnt how to look after their own emotional well-being.

In Year 1, children explored how feelings can change and also differ from others in the same situation.

In Year 2, children identified how feelings can get stronger and how to manage these.

In Year 3, the importance of expressing feelings and emotions was explored.

In Year 4, children focused on managing their feelings and emotions in different situations.

In Year 5, the children learnt about mental health; what it means and how they can take care of it.

Lastly, Year 6, they explored how feelings and emotions are affected in changing, challenging or difficult times.

We would like to say a big thank you to all children for their amazing work!

Looking after our own mental health and well-being is extremely important, especially during difficult times.

Pop Up Book Hut: January 2020


Here at Lionel we are very excited about the arrival of our Pop-Up Book Hut from the London Children’s Book Project, a charity whose ambition is to put books into every home and to engage children and young people in choosing the books that appeal to them.

Today, a beautiful little green hut was delivered to school along with a donation of over 1000 new or ‘gently used’ books. Over the next few weeks, children will be invited to visit the hut with their teachers and their parents and carers (if you are able to do so) to choose their very own book. The book is for your child to keep, read and love.

Should your child finish their book before the end of this half term and wish to exchange it, they are welcome to do so. The hut will open at various points during the school day for your child to exchange.

This is a wonderful opportunity for all the children at Lionel to experience the excitement of choosing their own book and we would like to invite you to share this with them, if possible. Attached to this letter (and to be displayed on the hut) is a timetable showing mornings when each class will be able to visit the hut along with their parents/carers to choose a book. These sessions will run from 9.00am to 9.30am.

As we are such a big school, some classes will have already visited the hut before going with you, but we know that the children will still appreciate being able to show you the hut. They may use this opportunity to exchange their book, if they want to.

We hope that you and your children will share our excitement in this fantastic opportunity and we look forward to welcoming you to our Hut!

Happy 2020 and happy reading!







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