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Lionel Primary School

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School Dinners





September 2021

This term we are pleased to introduce our new school meals provider - Taylor Shaw.  We are excited to try their new school menu which will include vegetarian and halal options for the main meal and will also give children the opportunity to choose from a jacket potato or a sandwich option.

If your child has a medical condition that requires a special menu please see the information in the links below.  If you have any further questions please contact the school office.



The cost for school dinners is £2.30 per meal. 



School Milk

All children aged between 5 and 18 who are eligible for free school meals (where the school claims a Pupil Premium) have the option of free school milk.

If you are not eligible for free school meals and would like your child to have school milk please register and pay on the Cool Milk website.


CoolMilk Link Here