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Lionel Primary School

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Aftercare - Kamla's Club

Kamla's Club

Kamla's Club is open to children from reception to Year 6. 

Everyone who attends the club is given a snack.  These vary but include: sandwiches, pasta, pitta pizzas, wraps etc.

The children join in with a range of activities.  These may be art/craft, cooking, games, free play and outside play.


Every Monday to Friday

(There will be no Kamla's on the last day of each term)


3.30pm to 6.00pm £15.00

If you are late for any reason then an additional charge of £20.00 will be required per child.


The session/s will need to be booked via your ParentMail account.

We will inform your child that he/she will be going to the session/s when we have received confirmation from ParentMail that the session/s are booked.

Children should be collected from Kamla's via the Lionel Road lower car park gate.

You can contact a member of staff on 07928 734 821 if you need to get in touch with them for any reason. This number will only be activated whilst Kamla's is open.