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All admission authorities must publish their determined admission arrangements for each academic year.  The admission arrangements for London Borough of Hounslow community schools are accessed via the link below.


If you are thinking of joining our school please contact the school office who would be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Telephone: 0280 560 5323




Admissions to our School


Nursery & Reception Admissions

We are holding our  Prospective Parents meetings for all those families who would like their child to begin in our nursery or one of our reception classes in September 2024.  

We have two open evenings:

  • Tuesday 3rd October
  • Tuesday 21st November

The sessions take place from 4 - 5pm and will give you the opportunity to meet staff, visit the setting and ask any questions. 

If you would like to book a place please call the office: 0208 5605323.


If you would like your child to attend our school you must complete your application online direct to the London Borough of Hounslow via their website.


  • You will need to attach proof of your address (copy of current council tax bill) and your child's birth certificate to the form.
  • You will be notified in the April in writing whether you have been successful in obtaining a place in September for Reception Admissions.
  • Please note admissions to the School from Nursery to Reception is not automatic and cannot be guaranteed.


** Please note the closing date for Reception admission applications for September 2024 is 15th January 2024 **


We also take into account that family circumstances can change and children sometimes need to move schools during term-time.


Applications made during the school year (called in-year admissions) will be dealt with as soon as possible on receipt of the Primary In-Year Common Application form by the Admission Section, Hounslow.




Nursery Admissions

Nursery Admission forms are also available from the School and currently all Hounslow Schools allocate their Nursery places directly. We inform parents in writing in May if they have been allocated a Nursery place for their child for the following September.


Nursery Admission forms will be available in January to enrol for the following September start.



For advice and guidance contact Hounslow Schools or the Family Information Service

0208 583 3470

or email



Admission criteria for Nursery and Reception places


The full details of these are published on the Hounslow website

or in booklet published by the council.

You can obtain a copy of this direct from Hounslow Council.


In brief, priority for admission will be given to:

1) Children in public care

2) Applicants whose medical or social circumstances require attendance at a particular school rather than any other school

3) Families who live in the school’s Priority Admission Area (PAA)

  • a)To applicants living within the PAA who have an older sibling at the school.
  • b) When there are more applications from other parents resident in the PAA than there are spaces in the school priority will be given to those children who live nearest to the PAA school

4) Priority will then be given to families living outside the PAA but who have an older sibling attending the school

5) Any remaining vacancies will then be offered to applicants based on distance from home to the school

6) Any places remaining after all applicants have been admitted will be offered to Hounslow residents who cannot be offered any of their preferred schools


If your child does not get into your first choice of school, you will have the right to appeal to the Local Authority.


Once you have completed the Nursery Application form, please send it to  along with a copy of your child's birth certificate and your recent council tax bill.

Nursery Application September 2024