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Year 4



Welcome to Year 4.

We hope that you find the following information useful.





Miss. Khanna

Mrs. Ressin

Ms. Nelson

Mr. Kavanagh

Mrs. McMillan

Mrs. Krivosic


  • Each day, pupils should bring with them a water bottle (which can be re-filled in school) and if possible, some fruit as a mid-morning/afternoon snack. As part of a healthy life-style, may we encourage pupils to drink water and eat fruit in class, rather than consume sugary drinks or snacks. A small ruck-sack should be brought in on Fridays to take reading books home in.


  • Pupils should be dressed in their school uniform, with black shoes (see our school uniform policy on the school website for detailed information). If your child has long hair, it must be tied back before coming to school. In the winter months, your child will need a coat, hat, scarf and gloves. In the summer months, please apply sun-screen before school and provide your child with a sun hat.


  • If your child has a medical condition, please see Ms. Smith in the medical room and also let us know.


  • Pupils need to have their P.E. kit in school, in a small bag, on a Monday morning. The P.E. kit should be kept in school for the whole week. It can be taken home on Fridays for washing. P.E. kit consists of: a pair of blue school shorts, a white school T-shirt, plimsoles and a navy blue track-suit for cold weather. Trainers may be worn for outdoor games. It is advisable for your child to wear a vest on P.E. days. Please ensure that all items belonging to your child, fit them and are labelled with their name.


  • On swimming days, pupils need to bring in a swimming costume (no bikinis) / swimming trunks (no shorts), a towel and a swimming cap in a large bag/ruck sack. A spare carrier bag and pair of socks would be advisable too. No jewellery or watches must be worn.           


  • P.E. Days:

Willow Class

Spruce Class

Poplar Class








  • Pupils should be reading their books every day at home. They can choose up to three books each week from school. Books are changed once a week on Fridays. We would also encourage you to enable your child to belong to their local library where they can select a greater variety of books to enjoy and research from. Please find time to explore and read books with your child. Ask them to tell you what they are reading about. Asking ‘why’ and ‘how’ questions will also check their understanding. Complete / sign your child’s reading record book each day.


  • Homework is accessed via Google Classroom with your child’s Year 4 log-in details. It is explained in class each Monday. It consists of Spellings, Times Tables and one other activity linked to the week’s work. It must be completed by 08:30 a.m. each Friday. Pupils must also read every day and look up the meanings of unknown words in a dictionary. Some pupils may also be given extra handwriting sheets to practise on at home. We will let you know if your child has not completed part or all of the week’s homework via a short note home on Fridays, with the expectation that it must be completed at the weekend. Pupils are expected to complete their homework to a good standard (half marks or more). Your child will also need to have an exercise book and pencil at home, for notes and working out. Please support your child with completing and handing in their homework on time. The homework is marked and returned via Google Classroom. The weekly spelling and times table checks are carried out in school each Friday, with the expectation that if your child receives less than half marks, they re-learn the errors at the weekend and are re-checked on Monday.


  • Our expectations for this year are that the pupils work hard and try their best with their learning and presentation; show good listening skills and contribute sensibly to class activities and discussions; behave well and are kind and friendly. Pupils are expected to work silently during independent tasks so that they can focus; they should not disturb teaching, their own learning or the learning of others. Pupils are also expected to share ideas and work with a partner at times. Our school rules are:    WE ARE READY.        WE ARE RESPECTFUL.        WE ARE SAFE. 


  • During the Autumn Term the pupils will be learning the following:


English: Reading for pleasure, Handwriting, Spellings, Reading Comprehension, Grammar and                 Writing

Maths: Place Value, Addition and Subtraction, Length and Perimeter, Multiplication, Division

Science: Living things and their habitats

Computing: Hardware Investigators, Coding, Online Safety

History: The Ancient Mayans

Geography: The Rainforest

D.T.: American Muffins

R.E.: Hinduism, Advent, Christmas

Art: Observational drawings - self-portrait, tone, light shade, 3D, perspective, water-colours - Henri Rousseau's rainforest animals, textiles - poison-dart frog

Music: singing, playing pitched instruments/musical notation, rhythm, appreciation, Mama Mia

P.E.: Swimming, Vaulting

P.S.H.E.C.: Health and Well-Being

French: Greetings and farewells, numbers/calendar, objects and colours, animals and places


A more detailed Year 4 Curriculum grid for the year, will follow below.


  • If you have any queries, please speak to us as soon as conveniently possible. You can contact us via our email address: or


  • A positive and mutually supportive partnership between home and school is vital in helping your child achieve to the best of their ability. We all want the pupils to do well academically and socially.


Thank you for your support with your child’s learning.

We look forward to a happy and successful year.

From the Year 4 staff